The day I started a blog

Well, today I made a decision: I’m gonna start a blog! Of about what I’m not really sure… But for now I’m going to start talking about my life and things I feel like sharing … i guess like any other normal blog ^^

I feel like I’ve actually  never  finish a project in my life. And  because of that I’ve  always pushed myself to do things hoping  that it interested  me enough to made ​​me keep doing…  but that never happened 😦 So this blog has more meaning to me as something that will make me explore my creativity, the way I communicate with people and also to suppress some fears that I have like publicly expose my life, things I like , my opinions and flaws … mostly things that I normally don’t share with people.

Another thing that I really wanted to be able to experience by doing a blog is to hear other people telling me their stories and sharing their experience with me. That would me amazing.

So I’m still trying to figure out how this posts are going be release but I’m sure that’s it’s going  to be amazing!

So if you have anything to say to me, nice things, bad things or just  how’s the weather there  where you are, just comment and it will be an honour to reply then!

Have a very nice day and please tell me about the weather ^^